Romance Short Films

15 mins
Colors Are Free
Screenplay Summary Colors are free A young boy named Mahyar goes to a teacher named "Waliullah Tabesh" to complete his mother's half-finished painting, to learn painting, and according to the promise he made to him before his mother's death. They teach goodness. The old painter, who was forgotten many years ago by an accident, and whose eyesight is now declining, lends Mahyar, an experienced craftsman, to work on the farm and do hard work. He has to help himself, to train his soul first, and then to teach him whatever he wants. Mahyar occasionally doubts the master, and becomes impatient, but again he does not leave the master and stays with him. In the meantime, Mahyar falls in love with the young girl of Asyaban and experiences love. Finally, the old man takes Mahyar to the mountains for the promised day and to paint. The young boy in the mountains gets what he wants and draws a magical painting on the canvas. As Mahyar grows, "Master Vali" himself discovers and intuitions, and a boil occurs in him. The old master in the mountains remembers things from the past. Then he leaves Mahyar, who is painting, and returns to his hut, and begins to draw a painting on the wall of the room, as if the half-abandoned painting is Mahyar's mother or perhaps his wife, Master Vali, who one day The reason for the accident that happened to him, he forgot everyone and came to the mountains. After drawing, Mahyar ran to Master Vali's house, happy and excited. On the way, the miller and his daughter see Mahyar and, surprised to see Mahyar's magical painting, turn to the master. After they find out that Master Vali has taught painting to Mahyar, they reveal the secret of Master Vali and Mahyar just realizes that the master was only a painter of the building. Mahyar gets nervous for a moment, forgets the role he played on the canvas, and angrily goes to Master Vali's house. But when he enters the house, he encounters the last lesson of the master and sees his mother's half-finished painting on the wall in front of which the master has passed away. Master Vali leaves the material world at the end of his mission and goes to the eternal world with his wife, to find someone he left unintentionally years ago and to end the past shortcomings with him.
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