19 mins
Guang Ming (光明)
KS, a single parent to his son, Feng, makes an honest living working as a car mechanic. The humble and driven KS finds his morals tested when a situation arises between him and the workshop’s newest hire, Yue, a migrant worker from China. Caught in a dilemma, KS struggles to do what is right whilst setting an example for his son.A Viddsee Original ProductionDirector's Statement:As Singaporeans we often think ourselves as tolerant and kind people, but as a city densely populated with migrant workers, we sometimes can’t avoid falling into certain pitfalls that reveal some of the casual racism ingrained in our society. Through the lens of KS and Feng “Guang Ming” is a slice of piece that reflects the everyday Singaporean, pragmatic and resilient in the face of a fast-paced dynamic city.The title “Guang Ming” reflects KS’s principles and outlook on life. In the Chinese language, “Guang Ming” means open heartedness and bright light. The Chinese idiom “Guang Ming Zheng Da” means to have a clear conscience, which is a guiding principle in KS’s life. Despite his bleak financial situation, Feng and him live a simple and content life. The introduction of a Chinese migrant worker sees him struggle to stay rooted to his beliefs whilst navigating his role as a father. Even in the face of a moral dilemma, KS remains steadfast and resolute - but sometimes doing the right thing feels wrong. Things aren’t always black and white, they’re usually grey.We are never just one thing, whether it’s our ethnicity or nationalities. At its core, this film is about two men striving to give their best to their family whilst living on the fringes of society. With all that’s happening in the world, I hope this film reminds us to keep on keeping on, and for us to hold our loved ones closer.
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