Action Short Films

4 mins
Cyberpunk Ronin
In the world of 2077, Cybernetic Enhancements have transformed into a fierce battleground for supremacy among tech giants.Scene opens with a mysterious CREATOR, who places his hand on the head of a young girl named CAMILLE, transferring a special ability to her in a pixel-like particle effect.In an abandoned, dystopian sci-fi location, CAMILLE, now a samurai ronin, is confronted by a cybernetically-enhanced enemy named VEX, who has laser beam fingers.Vex accuses CAMILLE of betraying the CREATOR and tries to take away her special ability.VEX bends one of his fingers, shooting out a long beam of laser that slashes towards CAMILLE. She avoids the attack, surveying the fiery damage caused by the blast.VEX launches his next attack, but CAMILLE’s eyes flash as she prepares to face her opponent. With a deep breath, she focuses and activates her unique ability to slow time, easily dodging VEX’s laser attacks. VEX attacks with horizontal, vertical, and low attacks, but CAMILLE effortlessly jumps over the low attack.VEX increases the intensity of his attack, unleashing all ten laser beams and boxing CAMILLE in. But with a quick flash in her eyes, she disappears from VEX’s sight. The scene cuts to CAMILLE standing behind VEX, delivering a fatal blow with her katana.As VEX falls to the ground, CAMILLE approaches his body and touches his fingers, feeling a sudden jolt of electricity that causes the laser fingers to warp into her own hands in a pixel-like particle effect. Moments later, she inherits VEX’s ability to shoot lasers from her fingers.Testing out her new powers, CAMILLE shoots a long beam of laser from her finger, slashing the screen with a quick movement, revealing the title “CYBERPUNK RONIN" and ending the story with a sense of energy and excitement.
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