Thriller Short Films

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Offering (Halad)
Set in a post-apocalyptic Philippines, two friends, Leica and Julia, must survive the wrath of Bulalakaw, the Visayan God of pestilence.A plague has wiped out the world's population with only three remaining. Julia, a woman in her 20s, tells Leica, that Bulalakaw, the Visayan God of illness and pestilence, is to be blamed for the destruction. Julia adds that Bulalakaw requires a maiden as sacrifice in order for the sickness to dissipate. Leica asks Julia if anyone is crazy enough to do so.As darkness falls, Julia proceeds to her hunting routine, keeping her and Leica alive amidst the scarcity of supplies. Julia puts her gas mask on and moves out. However, Julia arrives at an old house every night, he meets Daniel. It is revealed that Julia doesn't do any hunting at all but offers sexual intercourse with Daniel in exchange for food.After their routine, Julia brings up the cure for the sickness that Daniel possesses. Daniel dodges the topic. Every time Julia leaves, Daniel is visited by Bulalakaw, and requires a maiden for sacrifice.As Julia got sick, Leica, grabbed her gas mask, and went out to look for food. The Bulalakaw visits the lone Julia, as the bird humanoid opens the tent, it is Daniel offering Julia the cure but wants something in return. Leica sets out to search for more food, Julia suggests to get food at the dam as she claims she put up traps for animals there.Leica arrives at the dam, and is welcomed by the Bulalakaw. Daniel, from behind, with the cure, tells Leica she has to offer herself for the cure. Julia arrives to stop Daniel and tells him to remove the bird costume. Daniel removed the costume, revealing there was no Bulalakaw, but he hits back at Julia saying that if the Bulalakaw wasn't real, she would have not sent Leica to him as offering. Leica got upset, he turns around and kisses Daniel passionately. As Daniel is distracted, Leica grabs a knife and stabs Daniel. Leica runs for the cure but Daniel got hold of a bolo and slashes her, Julia runs and hits Daniel's head with a rock, knocking him down unconscious. Julia grabs the rock again and finally bashes Daniel's head to his death. Julia went to Leica and hugs her as she dies instantly.Julia arrives back at their camp, buries Leica, and takes the medicine. As Leica's death finally sinked in, she puts her gas mask and Leica's bloodied gas mask on her tomb. She walks away, towards the end of a cliff.
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