Our Story

We started Viddsee based on our own experience as filmmakers: trying to get our films out to a larger audience in a rich and diverse content Internet ecosystem.

We realised that we were not alone: how can our stories find its own voice among the noise?

As technology is a big part of our DNA, we embarked on this journey to enable the process of discovery for this generation of audiences: for local and regional films to be consumed locally, and to create a gateway for great short films for a global audience.

Today, we are a premium short film platform that has achieved over 2 billion views, and has over 4,500 films created by over 3,000 storytellers. This gives us an enormous opportunity to understand our audience, allowing us to curate and create content that is entertaining and engaging.

A platform for curation
and creation

As storytellers, we tell stories by making films. We hope to empower storytellers with Viddsee’s platform by curating, marketing, and creating content that we know our audiences will engage with anywhere on their desktop and mobile devices.

A key part of what we do is our ability to curate and market premium short-form content submitted by storytellers, using data-driven insights to optimise audience engagement across our multi-platform network.

In 2017, we created Viddsee Studios, our content creation arm that works together with a community of storytellers, and employs data insights to create quality, entertaining and engaging content for both brands and audiences.

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We are led by a filmmaking-engineering duo, Derek and Jian with extensive experience in media and technology


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For brand and media company representatives looking to create fresh content, find out how we can work together at viddsee.com/studios.

Viddsee For Good

Viddsee For Good is our way of combining our passionate base of storytellers and audiences with partners to raise awareness about social issues, empower the youth, and encourage the sustainable growth of the local filmmaking industry. For more information, visit viddsee.com/viddsee-for-good