Our Story

We started Viddsee based on our own experience as filmmakers: trying to get our films out to a larger audience in a rich and diverse content Internet ecosystem.

We realised that we were not alone: how can our stories find its own voice among the noise?

As technology is a big part of our DNA, we embarked on this journey to enable the process of discovery for this generation of audiences: for local and regional films to be consumed locally, and to create a gateway for great short films for a global audience.

With a growing audience to the films, we aim to support both consumers and producers of film content in this thriving ecosystem.

This is the future of cinema.

Our Platform, Programming
and network

As filmmakers, we tell stories by making films. We hope to empower filmmakers and storytelling with Viddsee’s platform, programming and network.

Our online video platform enables a global audience to easily discover, watch and share short films anywhere on their desktop and mobile devices.

Viddsee programs short films for an Internet audience. We are looking for strong stories with good production value.

Our multi-platform network includes some of the biggest internet media companies in the world. Our network of creators come together via our platform to cross-promote , collaborate and grow the audience for short films.

Filmmakers, join our movement now at

Our Team

The people behind Viddsee that makes what we do possible

Ho Jia Jian

Derek Tan

Chris Kwan

Nikki Loke

Ilanthirayan Paramanathan

Indanavetta Putri

Karen Wong


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