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Drama At The Dinner Table
The dining table is the central feature in Asian homes and families, and this Chinese New Year collection has all the familiar dishes: soups, pork, stews, tears and fears.Drama is a staple at the dining table, uniting and tearing families apart. There's the passive-aggressive relationship, the inevitable serving of filial piety, bitter words and truth that are hard to swallow, the strangers that become family and the family that become strangers. And there's longing, emotional goodbyes, love and reconciliation, all the bittersweet of family life.Meja makan adalah ciri utama di rumah-rumah keluarga Asia, dan koleksi Imlek ini memiliki semua hidangan yang terkenal: sup, daging babi, seur, air mata dan ketakutan.Drama adalah hidangan utama di meja makan, menyatukan dan merobek keluarga hingga terpisah. Ada hubungan yang pasif-agresif, porsi yang tak terelakkan dari bakti, ucapan pedas dan kebenaran yang sulit untuk ditelan, serta orang-orang asing yang menjadi keluarga dan keluarga yang menjadi orang asing.Dan ada pula kerinduan, perpisahan yang emosional, cinta dan rekonsiliasi, semua kepahitan dari kehidupan keluarga.餐桌是亞洲家庭和家人的中心特色。這個農曆新年餐桌上有熟悉的菜餚:湯,豬肉,燉肉,眼淚和恐懼。戲劇是餐桌上的主角,它可將家庭分開或團結。餐桌上的戲劇有被動的和侵略性的關係,不可避免的孝順表現和難以吞嚥的苦澀 真相。往往這戲劇會把陌生人變成家人或家人變成為陌生人 。這频道裡有愛情渴望,情感糾結,愛,和解,和家庭生活的所有甜酸苦澀。
CineKasimanwa: Western Visayas Film Festival
CineKasimanwa: Western Visayas Film Festival is a film festival in Region VI (Western Visayas), Philippines. Western Visayas consists of 5 provinces, 3 cities, 95 municipalities with a population of more than 4 million people. The film festival continuously envisions to feature, support, encourage and promote Ilonggo Cinema to the region and the world. “Kasimanwa” is a friendly term in Hiligaynon language which roughly translates as "someone who is from the same region". Through its name and as done during the three editions of the festival, there is a sense of belongingness with cinema uniting everyone.  Many filmmakers from the Philippines come from this part of the region and as such there is a vibrant cinema culture within Western Visayas with films in Hiligaynon, Karay-a and Aklanon languages. CineKasimanwa focuses on local stories and visions with a very diverse program from full-length to shorts, narratives to experimental works, traditional to new media, special program for children and an annual program for horror, science fiction and unclassifiable films. Western Visayas has a very rich culture with many folklores, family drama and stories of locals told through generations. The short films programmed for VIDDSEE to coincide with the fourth edition of the festival were some of the most interesting films from the first and second editions. More than just a sampling of films from the region, the content is curated to reflect the local feel and organic beat of the Western Visayan culture. It is hoped that through this selections the local stories of our region may resonate to the world.
China International New Media Short Film Festival (中国国际新媒体短片节)
China International New Media Short Film Festival (CSFF), which is the only state-recognized international short film festival in China, is hosted by the State Administration of Press,Publication,Radio, Film and Television and Shenzhen Municipal Government and organized by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Guangming New District of Shenzhen and Shenzhen Media Group. It is organized with an aim to encourage excellent short film creation both at home and abroad, dicover and support potential directors, incubate quality film production project and stimulate development of new media video industry as well as cross-cultural communication and cooperation. Over past six years, CSFF has greatly magnified its influence both at home and abroad, becoming one of the most influential short film festivals worldwide and joining the rank of Beijing International Film Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival as China’s three major international celebratory cultural events in films.中国国际新媒体短片节(China International New Media Short Film Festival)创办于2010年,经中宣部批准,由国家新闻出版广电总局和深圳市人民政府主办,深圳市文体旅游局、光明新区管理委员会和深圳广播电影电视集团承办,是目前中国唯一国家级、国际性短片节。短片节创办宗旨为奖励国内外优秀新媒体短片创作,发现和扶持影视创作人才,孵化优质影视创意项目,促进视频新媒体产业发展及国际文化交流与合作。经过六年的培育和发展,短片节国内外影响力快速提升,已成为国内外业界一致认可的国际重要短片节之一,与北京国际电影节和上海国际电影节并列为国际认可的中国三大影视文化节庆活动。
Long Reach Of Short Films
The Long Reach of Short Films – Telling Stories of Peace in MindanaoOur view of the conflicts in Mindanao, Philippines, is shaped by the stories we read, watch, and hear through the mainstream media. These stories are often centered on violence – killings, kidnappings, bombings, and other atrocities. After all, “bad news is good news”. Sadly, these stories shape our perception of the constraints of building a peaceful alternative for Mindanao.Of course, the realities of armed clashes, kidnappings, violence, and war crimes cannot be ignored. But at the same time, there are stories of hope and peace. Warring clans have been reconciled. Local mediators have transformed strained relations and ended violent escalations. Communities have resisted calls for all-out war, and empowered themselves to overcome marginalization. Such stories of peace abound, but often escape the attention of mainstream media.The film project “The Long Reach of Short Films – Telling Stories of Peace in Mindanao” challenges preconceptions of Mindanao and contributes to a bigger picture of what is Mindanao today. Supported by forumZFD – Civil Peace Service, eight filmmakers from Mindanao have told stories of peace and conflict transformation in different parts of Mindanao. The resulting narrative and documentary short films represent a collective effort to spark dialogue, overcome stereotypes, and work towards different narratives of Mindanao.This channel showcases selected works from the project and will be accompanied by editorial contents. Through this, we hope to broaden and deepen the discourse on peace and conflict issues in Mindanao.Contact Us: |
Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival
Orson Welles once said, “Look what 700 years of democracy have brought to Switzerland: chocolate and the cuckoo clock”. As the picturesque city of Neuchâtel is precisely the home of Swiss chocolate and watches, you might conclude that it is the quietest place on earth… Well, not anymore! Since 2000, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) has rocked the city by welcoming cult guests such as Joe Dante, George R.R. Martin, Roger Corman, Sono Sion, Terry Gilliam, Zoë Bell, Cliff Martinez, Park Chan-wook, Dario Argento, Chris Carter, Kevin Smith, Nancy Allen, Ray Harryhausen, Barbara Steele, Stuart Gordon, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Jaume Balagueró, Tobe Hooper, Shinya Tsukamoto, George Romero, John Carpenter and many more. The NIFFF explores an open conception of the fantastic genre, screening films that challenge one’s perception of life and that confront oneself to personal and universal matters through unique visual styles. With two competitions of feature films (fantastic and Asian), its shorts programs (Swiss, Asian and International), its daring retrospectives and workshops devoted to literature, special effects and digital creation, the NIFFF offers the best platform in Switzerland to promote genre cinema. Ever since its first edition, the event hasn’t kept growing, scoring more than 37,000 admissions during its last edition in July 2016, where 140 films where screened and 27,000 USD cash prizes were awarded. The 17th NIFFF will take place from 30th June to 8th July 2017.
HK Cinema, The Next Generation
The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts, School of Film and Television was established by the Academy in September 1996. The School aims to be a professional centre of excellence and to both reflect and influence existing practice in the local film and television industries.The School offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree programme in Film and Television with six major studies (Production Administration, Directing, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Editing and Sound), and a two-year Master of Fine Arts Degree programme in Cinema Production targeting at producing a feature-length narrative and/or documentary film at the end of the programme.In particular the School aims to train the students to create as a team. Film and Television is about teamwork. The director is one of a team and so are other positions, each making his/her own particular creative and technical contribution to the whole. 香港演藝學院電影電視學院於一九九六年九月正式成立,本學院旨在成為卓越的影視專業教育中心,以反眏及影響本地電影電視業的製作。本學院提供一個四年制電影電視學位課程,及一個較深入的二年制電影製作藝術碩士課程。其中學位課程設有六項專修學科,完成後將獲頒發藝術學士(榮譽)學位。這些課程旨在培養學生有關影視制製作的技術,致力提升他們的藝術創作潛能,以預備他們擔當各種影視創作、技術及專業的工作。此外,課程更著重教導學生從事集體創作。電影電視行業講求合作性,導演、製片、音響師、編劇、剪接師及攝影師都同樣重要,各成員均在自己的崗位上對整體製作作出創作及技術上的貢獻。
Kaohsiung Film Festival (高雄電影節)
Kaohsiung Festival is one of Taiwan’s major festival, sponsored by Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government & Kaohsiung Film Archive. It’s the biggest annual film event in southern Taiwan, preceded only by Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Taipei Film Festival, and is one of the top three film festivals in Taiwan. For the expansion of Kaohsiung International Film Festival, the city’s festival plans to transit into an international film festival, developing short films further as part of a long term developmental strategy and goal. The Kaohsiung International Film Festival Short Film Competition started in 2011, seeking for works that fall under 25 minutes or less, and not limited to any genres. It started forming alliances with other international film festivals, including a long term collaboration with Asia’s largest short film festival (Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia) in Tokyo since 2011. Year after year of development, Kaohsiung Short Film Competition has now become Taiwan’s most credible professional short film festival, and in 2015, received the world’s largest short film festival (Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival)’s invitation to attend Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Exhibition Market with a booth. Hence, launching Taiwanese short films onto the world stage.高雄電影節是台灣的一個大型電影節,由高雄市政府文化局、高雄市電影館主辦,為南臺灣年度最大影視盛會,僅次於金馬影展與台北電影節,為台灣前三大影展之一。為擴展高雄電影節國際化,企圖由城市影展轉型為國際影展,並以發展短片作為影展長期發展策略與目標,於2011年起辦理高雄電影節國際短片競賽,對全世界徵求25分鐘以下,不限類型的短片,並開始與國際影展進行 結盟,包含2011年起長期與亞洲最大短片影展日本東京國際短片影展(Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia )策略結盟,高雄電影節國際短片競賽經逐年發展已成為台灣地區最大且具公信力的專業短片影展,並於2015年獲世界最大短片影展—法國克萊蒙費鴻短片影展(Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival)邀請,前往法國克萊蒙費鴻短片影展市場展設攤,將台灣短片推向世界舞台。高雄電影節國際短片競賽報名網頁:
Organised by Hong Kong Arts Centre, ifva is an Incubator for Film and Visual media in Asia (formerly the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards). Founded in 1995, ifva serves as a platform that actively promotes and encourages creative talents in Asia, making short films, videos, animation and media art. With a cutting-edge vision and highlight independent spirit, ifva has evolved to promote different visual cultures while exploring the boundless potential of creative media. In addition to the annual competition and festival, ifva curates a host of programmes under two initiatives, “Cultivation” and “Engagement”. By connecting creative communities all over the world, ifva aims to engage everyone in the art of creation. ifva is also a core event of Entertainment Expo Hong Kong. 由香港藝術中心主辦,ifva是一個旨在推廣香港及亞洲獨立影像媒體創作人的搖籃及推手。始於1995年,ifva前名為「香港獨立短片及錄像比賽」,以比賽為平台,歷年來造就了不少本地及國際上舉足輕重的電影及媒體創作人,涉獵的範疇包括短片、錄像、動畫及媒體藝術。本著突破框框的信念和強調獨立精神,ifva一路蛻變演進,推動各種影像的文化及探索創意媒體的無限可能,除一年一度的比賽和ifva節,更著力舉辦「創意策動」及「全民參與」兩大範疇下的各種計劃,旨在承傳獨立精神,連結創意社群。ifva亦是每年香港影視娛樂博覽的核心項目。
Fresh Wave (鮮浪潮)
In 2005, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) initiated the Fresh Wave Short Film Competition, with an aim to promote local filmmaking, and to identify and nurture budding cinematic art talents in the territory. Fresh Wave has evolved into an international short film festival in 2010, so as to foster cultural exchanges and to broaden the horizons of local young filmmakers and audiences, as well as to promote local short films in the international level.Fresh Wave has already come to its eighth edition in 2013. Over the past years, the number of entries for the local competition has been on the rise. The number of participating tertiary institutions has increased from the initial 8 universities at the beginning to 19 in 2012. This year, there are around 120 entries for the Open Divisions as well. Since the launch of International Short Film Festival in 2010, selected shorts will be screened during the festival and their directors will also be invited to visit Hong Kong and exchange with local young filmmakers. In 2012, the 10-day festival screened 46 local and international short films, and the average attendance rate is nearly 90%.In the past few years, Fresh Wave has earned its reputation as one of the most celebrated events for local filmmakers. Some of the participating films even became sought-after items in overseas festivals and contests, including Paris Cinema Festival in France, Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy, Pan-Asia Film Festival in the UK and Five Flavours Film Festival in Poland.2005年,香港藝術發展局首次舉辦「鮮浪潮」短片競賽,以推動本地電影創作為宗旨,為本地具潛質的年青電影創作人提供資助及展示作品之平台。2010年,開始舉辦國際短片展,以拓展本地年青電影創作人之國際視野,提供國際性的交流機會,同時向海外推廣本地短片。2013年,「鮮浪潮」踏入第八年;過去數年,短片競賽部份的報名情況一年比一年踴躍,參賽的大專院校由最初8間參與增至2012年19間,公開組的參賽申請約有120份。而國際短片展則於2010年開始,每年精選多齣海外短片,並邀請參展導演到港與本地年青導演觀摩交流。2012年,短片展於10天內便放映了共46齣本地及海外作品,平均入座率接近九成。近年,「鮮浪潮」已成為本地電影藝術界之年度盛事,不少參賽作品更獲得海外比賽和影展垂青,包括巴黎電影節、意大利烏甸尼遠東電影節、英國泛亞電影節及波蘭五味電影節,讓本港電影新力量於國際間大放異彩。