Sexuality Short Films

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For fear of being rejected as a transgendered woman, an OFW father hasn't returned to her family in 10 years. One day, she finally gets the courage to come home. Is she going to be accepted by her family?Director's Statement:I got inspired to write and shoot TransParent because of a joke. I have a gay brother working in the Middle East for more than 6 years now and he refuses to talk to us frequently via Skype or any platform that would allow us to see his face very often. My mother joked that he had already undergone sex change. We apparently found out that he was just too busy to have video calls and that he could only afford to do voice calls because of his work. In my head, if my brother would undergo sex change, I'd still accept him because that's how he wants to express himself. His gender expression doesn't change the fact that he sacrificed himself to be far from his family just to provide for us; his gender expression doesn't change the fact that he loves us. In the film, I pushed the concept further and made the main character a transgendered parent: a parent who provides the main source of income of the family, a parent who has a son who thinks his father just couldn't go home because he is too busy because of work, a parent who loves his family so much. For SOME conservative Filipino family, the concept of having a gay family member is a source of disgrace and I just want our film to let people know that one of the best feelings in the world is to be accepted by the people that you love and care for; there's nothing better than to be accepted by your own family. 
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