Horror Short Films

38 mins
Singapore's first vertical-screen mini-film, "7," directed by the million-dollar director Kelvin Sng, will be broadcast worldwide in collaboration with Asia Momentum Media on Halloween, October 31, 2021.The short film depicts seven individuals compelled by societal pressures. They receive an invitation from a mysterious figure to participate in a reality show, becoming fascinated by the special invite. They gather at a mysterious and enchanting old mansion located at 32 Hooper Road. Unbeknownst to them, each person represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins – pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. They can become overnight millionaires just by staying in the house until they find one million dollars. The rules are simple: 1. Report to the mystery person once the money is found, 2. Overcome their biggest sin, 3. There is only one winner; the rest die. As soon as the game unfolds, there is already a mystery murder… the mansion causes people to become “strange.” Is it their unpredictable human nature, or does the mansion possess an otherworldly power leading to their demise?"7" marks Asia Momentum Media's inaugural venture into vertical-screen short films, featuring actors from AMM's entertainment arm such as Vanessa Tiara, Yong Yu, Joshua Cadence Lui, Lincoln Koo, as well as artists from KSPTV such as Esther Leong, Cheryl Cheng, Danny Jao, and Gosteloa Spancer. The cast and production team not only have to shoot every scene from dusk till dawn, but they also have to practice their facial expressions and unique “death face,” challenging themselves to perform to a vertical screen format with a different focal point.The drama is directed and written by Kelvin Sng, a director with extensive drama experience who has directed countless dramas, including the well-grossing film "TAXI! TAXI!i" and the Chinese New Year film "THE FORTUNE HANDBOOK." Shawn Tan, who worked in Hollywood with renowned producer Larry Kasanoff, serves as the producer for "7". The film also involves renowned local director Jack Neo and Felicia Tung, who achieved over a million views and subscriptions as the main producer and head writer when she worked at Night Owl Cinematics as executive producers.
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