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9 mins
Layla Breast (Buah Dada Layla)
The film deals with women competing to show their existence to the world / men, as if they were eager to be seen as not weak, and able to stand on their own so that the term gender equality emerged. However, the term has been misunderstood by some, where gender equality means women have the right to be equal to men in any case. Though the nature of women In this era of globalization, the function of women has begun to develop in the appeal first, the more women career, high-educated women, even some women participate in the world of politics, social, and so forth. So do not be surprised if a beautiful leader comes forward. This is a matter of great concern, where women are slowly denied their own likes who want to look dominant in the presence of the opposite sex. As this story is a great example of early behavior due to social factors of things that encourage girls to show their existence that they can become dominant of boys. And also this story alludes to parents, how he educates his child, as children grow older adults should give understanding and teach to realize that children should have the attitude and morals, women are very different compared to boys. And a child has brought their own temperament from birth, which is a derivative of one or both parents. Here parents hold an important role as role models for their children. Children will identify with their parents, including in their behavioral patterns. From the family is also implanted about the values of life, principles, morality, way of thinking, customs, and beliefs of parents to their children. The social environment also shapes the behavior patterns of a child. Children are excellent imitators, they see, absorb and imitate all the things around them, especially what is done by their parents. Here are the topics on how parents educate their children that I pour in this film, to offend to parents what kind of moral behavior and children who reflect to their parents. I discuss this film from my pandnag angle to the downside of how a mother educates a girl.
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