Solidarity: Woman in Love

Chun Chun, born out of wedlock to a mistress of a wealthy and lecherous old man, is a reclusive adolescent who often keeps to herself. Due to her quiet nature, her father often takes advantage of Chun Chun by making her work for free at his convenience store. During her graveyard shifts, Chun Chun encountered people from all walks of life, including Jun Yuan, a charismatic young man whom she thought to be the love of her life. Just as Chun Chun thought she had finally found her happily ever after, Jun Yuan begins to reveal his true colours, dragging Chun Chun into a downward spiral mess in the world of drugs…

If you are experiencing family and domestic violence, break the silence.

Call National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment Helpline (NAVH) 1800 777 0000

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