22 mins
Drain Walkers
Jaded journalist, Dev Anand, uncovers an illegal contraband smuggling ring, where he discovers most of them are victims of circumstance.Upholding his journalistic integrity, Dev seeks to present both sides of the story while battling against self-censorship and misinformation.A Viddsee Original ProductionDirector’s Statement: Spending half my lifetime in Bukit Panjang, it is well known that the heavily forested areas and the old rail corridors behind our estate play hosts to small pockets of people who engage in the sale of contraband cigarettes. They have been nicknamed by the media as the "Drain Walkers" because of their constant usage of Bukit Panjang's extensive network of storm drains to travel around town to sell their products or purchase necessities before retreating into their temporary forest homes of tents. When reading the media’s published exposés about these "Drain Walkers", I felt that it portrayed a very one-dimensional perspective of the subjects, painting all of these people as in a singular, negative light, they were labelled with the connotation of being deviant, illegal immigrants, foreigners etc.We readers never got to hear both sides of the story, only hearing a biased perspective. Are these people really who the news labelled them to be? And with misinformation in journalism and factionalism on the rise, how easy would it have been for the media to just draw up the lines on who is bad and who's not based on what the news wants to show us?
16 mins
I Survived An Accident
I Survived an Accident follows the life of Elise, a victim of an accident that claimed the life of her best friend and seriously injured 3 others, except told from the point of view of the “criminal”. Despite investigations proving Elise’s relative innocence, she finds it hard to shed the label slapped on her by netizens out for her blood and to move on with her life.A Viddsee Original ProductionDirector's Statement:Various incidences in 2019 made evident to me the power of the internet and the negative side effects of giving people a platform to voice their opinions. Instances of disseminating a persons personal information and encouraging fellow netizens to engage in cyber-bully was so rampant, that Singapore had to enact a new doxxing law prohibiting disseminating someone else’s personal information online.Personally, I was for this law. Information is spread so quickly, and we are so quick to share this information and pass judgement, without verifying the facts or waiting for the full story. Our sense of justice drives us to voice our disapproval and to punish these transgressors in our own ways. We argue it is for the greater good, because their victims deserve justice, because people deserve to know about the “criminals” that coexist with us in society. But how much punishment is enough? If the offence has been dealt with by the law, do thee people really deserve a “life-time” social punishment?
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