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Dalang The Manipulator (影匠)
18 years ago, there was a crime of passion. 3 years ago, there were 14 serial cases of stripping cases. From just a piece of leather, the truth lies within the mysterious art of shadow puppetry. Putting himself in the shoes of a theatre-goer, a police interpol officer vows to find a self-satisfying conclusion to solve these cases. In the midst of unraveling the layers behind the truth, he realises that the village’s master of shadow puppets has a dubious past, especially since the handsome boys around him suffer from a curse of vengeance. Does the curse still exist in this world? Perhaps, humanity is the real mastermind. It is the calm before the storm - a prelude to the shadow performance, along with the presence of an interpol officer sitting amongst the audience. Can he find the truth behind the shadow puppet’s mystery?A murder driven by jealousy, revenge, skinning, curse, leather, and mastermind… all of which have been shrouded in secrecy of a shadow puppet’s play.18年前,一宗因愛生妒的孽案; 03年前,十四宗連環剝皮詭案; 源於一具皮偶,真相就潛藏在那神秘的國學藝術—皮影。一名刑警化身為追戲人,疲於奔命, 誓要為這出《畫皮記》尋找一個讓他滿意的結局。 當他陷入其中,把一層又一層的畫皮撥開時, 他發現這位山村匠人的皮影大師殊不簡單, 而大師身邊的美少男更是帶着一身復仇的詛咒。這世上真有詛咒的存在嗎? 也許人性才是真正的主謀。 一場皮影戲悄悄的序幕,隨着刑警這名觀眾的入戲,平靜的山村再次掀起了風波。 他能解開皮影的真相嗎?妒殺、復仇、剝皮、詛咒、皮偶、主謀...全部藏匿在一場不公開的皮影。
21 min   #Drama  #Crime  #Family 

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