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We travelled around the world to hand-pick the best short films, and here are the good, the classic and the unforgettable

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We travelled around the world to hand-pick the best short films, and here are the good, the classic and the unforgettable

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19 mins
Charis, a single working mother is suddenly brought into turmoil when she discovers that her domestic helper, Maria is pregnant. The situation is further complicated when Maria reveals that she was raped, leaving Charis in a moral dilemma. Weighing between her obligations as an employer, and both her and Maria’s personal interests, should Charis report the rape to the police and send Maria back because of the pregnancy? Or should Charis "keep" Maria, considering how close Maria has been with her and Jared?A Viddsee Original ProductionDirector's Statement:As Singaporeans, we like to believe ourselves as a society that is tolerant and gracious. But we are also pragmatic, sometimes to a fault that often makes our relationships with people appear merely transactional. Alas, we can still be quick to judge and measure people’s worth based on the convenience they bring us.This reality is easily reflected when we engage domestic helpers. Do we really consider them as family, or is it just a loose and fragile term that is easily jeopardised when you consider certain lines crossed? Would it matter if you realised that they are a victim after all?“Eggshell” tells the story of a single mother who is caught in a dilemma after discovering that her domestic helper pregnant. The dilemma is further complicated when she learns that her helper is a victim. Now, her decisions have gone beyond her obligations as an employer, and into something more personal - from woman to woman, she relates to the seriousness of the situation that should be handled with much sensitivity and deliberation.The title “Eggshell" is the embodiment of all three combined; The idea that most helpers’ relationships with their employers feel like treading on eggshells, the theme of fragility and the malleable concept of “family”, and the delicacy of situations that are relatable and gender-centric to women.This short film is not an easy piece. It is not a female empowerment piece either. In “Eggshell”, I hope to offer a window into the perspective of the female characters as they arrive at an unspoken mutual understanding. That all things considered, some relationships are not just black and white.

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Road To UCIFEST 11
[Indonesian] UCIFEST - UMN Animation & Film Festival merupakan festival film yang diselenggarakan oleh Universitas Multimedia Nusantara khususnya dari program studi Film. Pada tahun 2020 ini, UCIFEST - UMN Animation & Film Festival sudah memasuki tahun ke 11.UCIFEST 11 akan dilaksanakan secara online pada tanggal 21 - 22 April 2020. UCIFEST 11 akan memutar 24 karya yang akan dikompetisikan dalam 5 buah program dan juga sebanyak 16 karya non-kompetisi yang akan diputar dalam 4 program selama festival berlangsung.Terhitung tanggal 4 April 2020, Channel Road To UCIFEST 11 hadir sebagai Pre - Event dari acara utama UCIFEST 11 berkolaborasi bersama Viddsee sebagai Festival Partner. Dalam rangkaian Road To UCIFEST 11 juga terdapat sesi tanya jawab dengan filmmaker dari 7 film pemenang UCIFEST 10 yang akan dilakukan dalam 2 platform yaitu di dalam panel community Viddsee dan juga Live Streaming mengikuti jadwal yang telah ditentukan yakni pukul 21.00 di YouTube channel UCIFEST - UMN Animation and Film Festival.Selamat menikmati![English] UCIFEST - UMN Animation & Film Festival is a film festival organized by Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, especially from the Film Study Program. In 2020, UCIFEST - UMN Animation & Film Festival has entered its 11th year.UCIFEST 11 will be held online on April 21-22, 2020. UCIFEST 11 will play 24 films that will be compete in 5 programs and also 16 non-competition films which will be played in 4 programs during the festival.As of April 4, 2020, Channel Road To UCIFEST 11 is present as the Pre-Event of the main event UCIFEST 11 collaborates with Viddsee as a Festival Partner. There will be a question and answer session with 7 filmmakers of UCIFEST 10 winners which will be conducted in 2 platforms, Viddsee community panel and also Live Streaming at 09.00 pm on UCIFEST – UMN Animation and Film Festival’s YouTube Channel. Enjoy!