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Madam Mak

She’s A Little Lonelier Than She’d Like To Admit

Mdm Mak – a former Majie (domestic worker), came to Singapore from Dongguan, Guangdong China in the late 1940s. Now in her 80s, Mdm Mak lives alone in her rented HDB rented studio flat in Chinatown. She still retains the original coolie bed, the centerpiece of her flat, holding onto loving memories of her past, her fellow majies and their struggles. What dreams does Mdm Mak dream of, and what does Chinese New Year mean to her?

This film is a collection of Mdm Mak’s thoughts as she walks around Chinatown, the activity centre and her flat.

Commissioned by Kreta Ayer – Kim Seng Citizens’ Consultative Committee In Celebrations of SG50 and paying tribute to our Pioneer Generation for their contributions in our nation building.

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