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Cinta Akhir

Iz has a close married couple friends -- Pierre and Lisa, also music-lovers.

They always hang out together but only for one thing -- "music". Three of them composing music and lyrics together in a "smoky" studio, Pierre smoking while Iz and Lisa are concentrating on the composing regardless of the disturbance of the smoke inside the studio.

One night, Pierre and Lisa listen to the performance of IZ at a pub. There is the “catalyst” for them to become good friends.

At the hospital one day, the doctor consulted Lisa who was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Unfortunately, she is pregnant at the same time! There are two options given by the doctor: firstly, go for chemotherapy but have to abort the baby; secondly, keep the baby without any treatment.

Lisa is keeping the secret from Pierre after coming home. From that day onwards, Pierre is upset about the wife's “cold” reaction towards him. On the other hand, Lisa meets IZ to confront the difficulties that she is in a dilemma. After that, she has made up her mind to go for option two which is keeping the baby.

Few months later, Iz is performing his new song -- CERITA AKHIR on the stage but both Pierre and Lisa are not attending because Lisa was hospitalized and she looked pale at pregnancy, meanwhile, Pierre is accompanying her all the while. At the end of performance, Iz wishes Lisa for a better health, they are so touched by their friend IZ from the TV live ……

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HK Cinema, The Next Generation
The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts, School of Film and Television was established by the Academy in September 1996. The School aims to be a professional centre of excellence and to both reflect and influence existing practice in the local film and television industries.The School offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree programme in Film and Television with six major studies (Production Administration, Directing, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Editing and Sound), and a two-year Master of Fine Arts Degree programme in Cinema Production targeting at producing a feature-length narrative and/or documentary film at the end of the programme.In particular the School aims to train the students to create as a team. Film and Television is about teamwork. The director is one of a team and so are other positions, each making his/her own particular creative and technical contribution to the whole. 香港演藝學院電影電視學院於一九九六年九月正式成立,本學院旨在成為卓越的影視專業教育中心,以反眏及影響本地電影電視業的製作。本學院提供一個四年制電影電視學位課程,及一個較深入的二年制電影製作藝術碩士課程。其中學位課程設有六項專修學科,完成後將獲頒發藝術學士(榮譽)學位。這些課程旨在培養學生有關影視制製作的技術,致力提升他們的藝術創作潛能,以預備他們擔當各種影視創作、技術及專業的工作。此外,課程更著重教導學生從事集體創作。電影電視行業講求合作性,導演、製片、音響師、編劇、剪接師及攝影師都同樣重要,各成員均在自己的崗位上對整體製作作出創作及技術上的貢獻。
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