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From the age of 10, Ali has been seeing this mysterious girl named Hani. For all his life, he has been wondering who is Hani. When one day he bumped into Hani again, Hairi, his best friend encourages him to forge a plan so that he can tell Hani exactly how he feels. Will his plan work out smoothly, or will it fail? Will they live happily ever after or is the universe against it?

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Long Reach Of Short Films
The Long Reach of Short Films – Telling Stories of Peace in MindanaoOur view of the conflicts in Mindanao, Philippines, is shaped by the stories we read, watch, and hear through the mainstream media. These stories are often centered on violence – killings, kidnappings, bombings, and other atrocities. After all, “bad news is good news”. Sadly, these stories shape our perception of the constraints of building a peaceful alternative for Mindanao.Of course, the realities of armed clashes, kidnappings, violence, and war crimes cannot be ignored. But at the same time, there are stories of hope and peace. Warring clans have been reconciled. Local mediators have transformed strained relations and ended violent escalations. Communities have resisted calls for all-out war, and empowered themselves to overcome marginalization. Such stories of peace abound, but often escape the attention of mainstream media.The film project “The Long Reach of Short Films – Telling Stories of Peace in Mindanao” challenges preconceptions of Mindanao and contributes to a bigger picture of what is Mindanao today. Supported by forumZFD – Civil Peace Service, eight filmmakers from Mindanao have told stories of peace and conflict transformation in different parts of Mindanao. The resulting narrative and documentary short films represent a collective effort to spark dialogue, overcome stereotypes, and work towards different narratives of Mindanao.This channel showcases selected works from the project and will be accompanied by editorial contents. Through this, we hope to broaden and deepen the discourse on peace and conflict issues in Mindanao.Contact Us: |
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