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CHOICE (முடிவு)
Marriage was meant to be a celebration of the union of two parties in love. But this may not be the case for some where arranged marriages still remain a crucial part of their culture. For Indian families who still firmly believe in the 3,000-year-old caste system, parents often match make their child with a distant relative who happens to be in the same caste. In CHOICE, we explore the story of a 24-year-old Singaporean Indian who is trapped in an arranged marriage.Director's StatementMade for an assignment for school, 'The Choice' deals with the topic of arranged marriages that have been still quite prevalent among my friend circle. This subject has always made me ponder about how it can suppress the dream and choice of individual on their life partner.India’s 3,000-year-old caste system was meant to regulate order in the society. It enforces that an individual can only marry only within one's own caste. While the caste system in Singapore is far more muted than that of India’s, the prejudice and segregation still stands today. In Singapore’s Indian society, arranged marriages do take place and many of them are based on this caste system.By showing them the repression a fellow Singaporean is facing due to the traditional practice of an arranged marriage, we want our audience to realize that the choice of a marriage partner is not something that comes easily to everyone. We also aim to raise awareness that such traditions still exist. It can help people better understand the Indian community and culture. While there are those who believe in this tradition, the younger Indian community may not feel the same way, and this would be a platform for them to voice their opinions without offending their parents.
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