Barbie And Charlie

Barbie is delayed. She cannot believe that she allowed herself to sleep with Charlie without protection.

Barbie and Charlie start the day playfully recalling how things can possibly go wrong in their sessions in bed when they are used to each other’s rhythms. (And Charlie knows the exact right moment when to pull it out, he says.)

But what started out as comedic bantering turns to worry as repercussions reveal sharp thorns and painful responsibility in the picture. They may be of age at present but because of their personal baggages, they cannot possibly raise a baby now.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Truth is, Barbie and Charlie can’t have a child together, because they are not together. They are ex-lovers who are currently in relationships with other people.

They used to be in love, but sadly, their love is not powerful enough to feed their personal thirsts and needs. And as reality bites their asses, so does regret.

Charlie recently proposed to her girlfriend, a woman who understands his dreams.

But Barbie is in a much more complicated situation, where real trouble escalates.

Barbie and Charlie both obsess about their situation inside the dingy apartment whole day long until it’s time to let the daylight in.

Will they both do the right thing?