I Love You in Extra Time

A woman named Alma (23) is now standing on a building rooftop with a scenario paper in her hand. She is trying to dig into the memories that make her feel loved by someone to get deeper into the role of her character in a short movie. A vivid memory emerges of how, on a normal afternoon after school, a man struck up an unusual conversation with her. A stranger to Alma, but not to the man. His name was Yanuar. He seemed to know Alma well, even though the two had never interacted before. Perhaps because of Alma's attitude that did not care much about her surroundings during school, she was only focused on maintaining the title of model student. Yanuar was also her yearmate, despite being in a different class. The unexpected conversation with Yanuar that afternoon turned out to drive Alma's stiff feelings a little. Alma began to think about what she had never thought about before. In the end, until now, nothing has changed in Alma and Yanuar's relationship. But at least, since then, Yanuar is no longer a stranger to Alma. From that memory, it clearly grew the feeling of being loved by someone. Alma began to recite fragments of dialogue from the role of the character she was playing. It felt real. Like what she wanted to express to Yanuar.