Another Shot

Jamie, a 25-year-old archer, arrived at the archery range early in the morning for her training session. As she retrieved her arrows, she was surprised to see Jake, a 28-year-old archer and her ex, also at the range for practice. Awkward glances and a hint of anger filled the air between them.

Without delay, Jake moved toward the target to adjust its distance, prompting Jamie to rush over and stop him. This marked the start of their first argument, which continued as they both resumed shooting.

Their disagreements persisted until the underlying issue surfaced. Jake had left Jamie because he felt she was selfish for requesting additional funding from the Philippine Sports Commission to pay her personal coach. According to Jake, this led to a reduction in funding for the men's division team.

Tensions flared, and Jake eventually stormed off. In a surprising turn, Jamie chased after him, seemingly wanting to reconcile. However, it turned out that Jake had her sunblock, which she wanted back due to its high cost.

With an awkward goodbye, the exes parted ways, and Jamie returned to her practice, her mood notably improved.