11 mins
It All Ends on the Dining Table
Tells the story of Feri (23), the youngest of two brothers who live somewhere in the land of Pasundan. One day, he was given a will by his late mother to make offerings the day before the fasting month. Feri, who feels obligated, tries to fulfill it a year after his mother died.But Feri has a problem, in which he has no idea how to prepare the offerings according to his mother. Then he tries to call his brother Galih (26), a private employee who is also a very religious person. Galih, who had worked out of town for a year, was asked to go home by Feri. Arriving at their house, Feri tells all his worries to Galih, especially about the offerings that were asked by their mother. After Feri made his case, Galih rejected it immediately. But Feri is persistent in trying to persuade and explain to his brother that this was their mother's will. On the other hand, Feri knows that only Galih knows about how to prepare these offerings because he often helps their mothers to prepare them. The debate continues, Galih still feels that it is not in accordance with the teachings of his religion but Feri continues to say that this has nothing to do with religion. This is only a will from their mother and Feri feels that he has to fulfill it. Until finally after a long debate, with a heavy heart, Galih agrees to prepare the offering. They both managed to finish the offerings and then closed the day before fasting with an afternoon meal together.In the midst of that afternoon meal, Feri suddenly fell silent. He smiles at the sight of him and Galih being able to get together again while looking at the offerings they had placed in their mother's favorite seat. He nodded and understood the true meaning of his mother's will.
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