5 mins
CHASNI (The Sugar Syrup)
The animated short film “CHASNI” deals exclusively with one of the proliferating horrendous crime that is acid attacks. The growth of this crime is upsurge in India, happening day and every day. It also includes the plight of disfigurement which is known to be as root revenge reason against women and their beauty. It leads the victim to a stage of trauma which is physical and mental both. The film focuses which makes the viewer introspect, “Is this a society we live in? Is this a way we treat people around us”. It stands as, that we first disfigure a human being and post we made them question about their disfigurement. The film is a 2D hand drawn digital animation film, following a narrative with a story & spoken word poetry. Here the whole film describes about a woman who is a survivor of an acid attack. She wants to have tea, but she finds that the tea box falls empty. She thinks that she can go out and buy a tea box. Is it possible for her to go out and buy a tea box? As her earlier experiences made her describe the inability to just move out of her house. It depicts the situation of how people react on seeing her and along how she manages to live her daily life. This film was conceived after Ms. Preethi Rathi was acid-attacked in Bandra Terminus, Mumbai (India) on 1st May 2013. She died of major acid injury just a month after the attack.The film is made as a student film project under Department of Film Design & animation, Industrial Design Centre IIT Bombay, Mumbai (India). 
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