Fantasy Short Films

4 mins
Somewhere by the pool there was a girl wearing a woven string bracelet named Valerie (17), looking panicked because she hated the depth of the water but tried to fight her hatred by attending swimming classes. Valerie was warming up in line with her friend at the edge of the pool, but Valerie increasingly panicked after seeing people drowned by cramps and given help by people around her. Because he saw a cramp he immediately warmed up, full of enthusiasm and serious face. Valerie initially warms up by not counting to count up to eight times the warm-up, not long Coach (35) blew the whistle sign that all must enter the pool for the test. The whistle made Valerie panic even more with her face trying to stay strong and sweat starting to flow. One by one among 5 friends entered the pool by jumping, Valerie was at the end of the line to be the last person to jump in the pool. Valerie slapped herself to fight her hatred and fear, when she didn't jump, because of that Coach blew a whistle and made Valerie even more annoyed. Valerie dared to jump into the pool while screaming. When Valerie felt something different in the water, her dreadful, drowning shadow did not occur. He opened his eyes at the bottom of the pond and saw his beautiful state with the sunlight and his reflection that penetrated the pool water. Valerie circled the bottom of the pool, suddenly he saw his friend who was drowning so fast he wanted to save and bring to the edge. When approaching from a distance he saw a bracelet that had a similar theme to his bracelet, then he saw the bracelet in his hand was absent. Not only that, Valerie saw the fish in the pond and saw that her friend had been helped by someone else, because the fish and the bracelet made her feel strange and she went straight to the surface. When on the surface Valerie spewed water and was on the edge of the pool in a state crowded with people. Valerie then lay staring at the sun then saw the bracelet still worn on her hand, after that she only smiled at the edge of the pool.
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