Magic Mirror

In the bustling cityscape of Singapore, a young couple, Eve and Adam, find themselves at a crossroads after a disappointing date night. Their argument reveals their differing priorities; Eve seeks financial stability and time, while Adam struggles to balance multiple jobs and academics.

Returning to his HDB apartment, Adam encounters his parents' financial woes, which mirror his own academic struggles. Feeling overwhelmed, he seeks solace at a nearby park, where he stumbles upon a mysterious golden-framed mirror. A sudden flash of light and thunder transports him into an unforeseen world.

In this strange reality, Adam discovers that the mirror has the power to transcend time. His best friend, Sean, joins him on this mysterious journey. Once they encounter an enigmatic old lady who seems to have an idea of what is happening, they race against time to decode the messages. This challenged Adam’s perception of happiness and their journey led them to a simple truth. In a moment of revelation, they find the key to their return.