Dark Comedy Short Films

24 mins
The story of a school with a strange and unreasonable rule which decides who will sit at the front whether back in the classroom depends on the luxury of a pencil box."Aphisard" is a student, who has an ordinary pencil box. He is one of those who are judged to sit behind due to this weird rule.On the day back to school for this semester, Aphisat will be studying in the last year of middle school. He sat at the back of the room according to the status and beauty of his pencil box. But this year is special for middle school students because they will have the opportunity to join the pencil box beauty contest which has a big reward as a scholarship until high school graduation by this reason, Aphisard wants to win this competition to help his father save money of his tuition fee and another one reason is to has a nice pencil box, this will make him sit in front of the room as others once of a while.Therefore, Aphisard asked for help from his close friend who is a genius in art, so both of them had an adventure time to each place to find decorative equipment for his pencil box to win this competition.On the competition day, the pencil box of each competitor is gone through the eyes of the committees and audiences, until it arrived at Apishat's pencil box, although it looks quite ordinary, however inside his pencil box made everyone had to be amazed by his creativity for the pencil box decoration, everyone clapped their hands to his pencil box. Aphisard smiled and received the applause with such happiness, It was the first time that a backroom boy like him was accepted by teachers and classmatesAphisard's happiness was too short when the victory was still not his as usual. Nevertheless, every story that happened to him made him realize that he did his best even though he regretted it, but every adventure he took would him learn about friendship, the first time of being accepted, and the injustice of this distorted system would make Aphisard grow up for another year.
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