13 mins
Baba Jee
Kashif and Khawar, two gangsters, pull off a deal and head to their hideout with a black duffel bag. Khawar receives a suspicious phone call and things get out of control resulting in a face-off between the two partners. Baba Jee, their vicious boss, has offered Khawar a reward to take out Kashif who is suspected to be undercover – he does not want to risk it. On the contrary, Khawar does not believe the rumours – he has known him for more than four years. Kashif has saved Khawar’s life multiple times and he believes that Kashif simply wants to run away from this life of sin and violence. He manages to convince Kashif to take the bag and flee Karachi with his wife – otherwise Baba Jee and his goons will hunt them down and kill them. Khawar bids farewell to his friend and makes his way to the exit but is met with his fate as Kashif shoots him. Kashif walks up to his almost-dead body and shoots him in the head – taking no risks. Kashif rings his commanding officer informing him of the incident who instructs him to leave the hideout immediately. He disguises himself and attempts to exit the hideout with the bag. An anonymous man waits outside for him in a rundown corridor with a pistol. The man shoots Kashif pointblank and exits the hideout with the bag – leaving behind a bloody mess. Both the rats paid the ultimate price – the price of disloyalty.
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