Collection of Meaningless Events

Drug dealing for quite some time Allen finally decides to stop being an errand boy to Paeng to pursue his father's wish before he died which is to graduate. After a bit of persuasion, Paeng decides to make one last assignment for Allen before letting him go, which is to give a joint laced with PCP (Allen is not aware of the PCP thing) to a guy named Mang Gold and then take his money, but Allen panicked when Mang Gold became unconscious so he quickly robs the unconscious Mang Gold then called Paeng. Still a bit shaken up Allen told Paeng about what happened, Paeng on the other hand is quite chill and told him he'll take care of everything. Walking back Allen sees Oka sitting alone. Oka approach him then Allen told him what just happened. Based on Allen's story, Oka sees a loophole in it, he told Allen he knows about Mang Gold and his connection to Paeng. Oka told Allen he thinks Paeng set him up to become his drug dealer for another month to come, Allen is furious and now it's his time to make a move.