3D Animation Short Films

5 mins
Zlo The Great Runner
Zlo is someone who wants to become a professional athlete, at one time he sat contemplating in the dressing room where he used to train. He stared at the poster for the Olympics because he wanted to take part in the prestigious event. Davi, a national athlete coach approached Zlo who looked pessimistic. He went over to Zlo and tried to raise his spirits to train. Zlo realized this, not long after they started training on the Stadium running track. With great enthusiasm, Zlo believes and is confident that he will succeed in reaching the minimum deadline for the Olympic selection. And what happened was the opposite, Zlo failed. On the second try, he still tried to reach that time count, but he still failed to do so. Feeling disappointed and hopeless, He contemplates in the dressing room, Davi tries to convince Zlo a second time, Zlo who is still angry can't believe it. Davi tries to remind Zlo by giving a newspaper clipping about his father who once broke the record as the fastest runner in his time. After Zlo realized this, he felt guilty and sparked enthusiasm to train again. Zlo approached Davi and gave back the newspaper clipping, as a sign that he was ready to practice again. Zlo continued to run and failed several times until he finally managed to reach the expected time. At the end of the story, Zlo walked bravely through the stadium hallway to the field to achieve his dream.
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