Viddsee Juree Indonesia 2016

Viddsee Juree Awards is an initiative celebrating the entertainment industry's picks of Asian short films from all genres: fiction, documentary and animation.

In this first edition of Viddsee Juree Awards, stories are picked from the brightest talents and upcoming filmmakers from Indonesia to be watched and judged by a panel of international judges. Each short film shortlisted for the competition will be watched by millions online and selected for film screenings around various cities in Indonesia.

Juree is part of Viddsee’s commitment to celebrate and support filmmakers and film communities in Asia.

Viddsee Juree Awards adalah kompetisi untuk merayakan film pendek Asia dari berbagai genre; fiksi, dokumenter serta animasi. Indonesia mendapat kehormatan dan terpilih sebagai negara pertama yang untuk meluncurkan edisi perdana Viddsee Juree Awards, dimana pembuat film pendek Indonesia mendapatkan berkesempatan filmnya ditonton dan dipilih oleh panel juri internasional.

Program ini merupakan salah satu komitmen Viddsee untuk menjadi bagian dari pembuat serta komunitas film di seluruh Asia, utamanya Indonesia.

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In Competition

These 10 hand-picked short films will be considered by our esteemed panel of judges for the Gold and Silver Prize. The winners will receive prizes at the inaugural awards ceremony in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Out Of Competition

This is a special showcase for the out-of-competition short films which have been pre-selected for Viddsee Juree.

Nature, Culture, And Humanity: A Story From Wakatobi For Indonesia
Humanity should look after the entire creation of God. Humans who are good at building nature are humans who give a lot to nature.Hugua is a little boy from a remote island called Tomia Island. An island which is lies in the group of Tukang Besi Islands in South East Celebes. Being a little boy from a remote island did not obstruct Hugua to have a big dream for his life.Poverty did not also prevent Hugua to keep learning. With all restriction he should face, in the era of 1960,where media for spreading information was still limited, Little Hugua had already known radio, TV, and telephone. None helped Hugua in learning those new equipment, he sought for the information by himself. This had made Hugua called as an incredible boy by the people in his kampong.Since his childhood, Hugua had chosen Soekarno, the first President of Indonesia, as his idol. Hugua had a dream to be like Soekarno, the great orator who had traveled all around the world.And now, the big dream has come true. Since 2006, Hugua has given a chance to realize his big dream by being elected as the regent of Wakatobi Regency. Wakatobi is a new formed regency which before known only as a sub district of Tukang Besi Islands.During the time of his leadership, Wakatobi has become more famous for its beautiful underwater panorama all around the world and position in the heart of World Coral Triangle. Also, a lot of international awards have been presented to Hugua owing to Hugua's hard work and perseverance to develop Wakatobi.