Yi Tian (一天)

"Yi Tian" speaks about the struggles of a young Singaporean girl, Xin Yi who seeks acceptance not only from her parents but her newfound faith, Islam. The mother daughter relationship is the centre of the constant inner struggles both have to go through and how a simple meal can uncover so many hidden feelings and anger.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement:
There's something about watching a film that has roots in a true story. It has the power to add emotional impact and continue engaging with audiences, leaving them wanting more. This film tells a real-life story of a local Chinese lady's conversion to Islam, and how her conversion has posed challenges to her faith. From struggling to seek acceptance from her parents on the conversion, to the death of her father. This will make many ponder, how does one seek refuge in a religion that your loved ones do not approve of? The message that I would like to add is it takes time to change and understand our situations and differences. It's also important to talk about these issues. We are a young nation still learning and adapting as we go.