‘When I talk to you’ is an evolving digital time capsule about two friends, one a frontline worker, and one a filmmaker, who try to meet but cannot. Set during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Singapore, documenting the months of January to July.

When I Talk To You

When Klaris returns from a holiday from Paris, she plans to meet Grace to pass her a gift. However during the Chinese New Year festivities and juggling to find time to meet, comes the outbreak of Covid-19. Klaris, who works in the National Centre for Infectious Diseases becomes swamped with work, being the first team to work on patients who are showing signs of the Covid-19 symptoms. The two friends still persist on meeting up despite the virus and their busy schedules. Throughout their phone conversations, Klaris and Grace become closer amidst the rising fears of the virus. They find ways to stay connected, hoping for the possibility of meeting in-person soon.