Singaporeans Chinese must appreciate Chinese street opera art before it extinct from our modern city.

Voices to Keep (无台)

“Voices To Keep” is a documentary film about the dying traditional art of Wayang street opera in Singapore. Featuring Tan Cai Hong, an experienced performer in one of the only remaining Hokkien Wayang troupes in Singapore. With 45 years of experience, Cai Hong will share the unseen struggles of an opera performer along with the challenges and dilemma she faced while juggling the art and her family commitments. The film will exclusively bring the audience to the backstage of the Wayang street opera which is normally out-of-bounds to the general public.

On top of honouring Cai Hong and the troupe behind this beautiful art form, the film will also touch on about the saddening truth behind the decline in popularity of this art form which might eventually become the reason of this art’s death.

“Voice To Keep” is a tribute for the passionate performer and artistes behind this street opera culture. It also serves its purpose to retain the memories of this once flourishing act, when there really is “无台” (no stage).