A surprise visit from her childhood friend Helen and her new husband Joe, catches Tina off guard. Being the gracious hostess, she and her maid Inday entertain the guests, but the two nervously watch their visitors get sloppy and tipsy with the wine they requested.

After their guests depart, Tina and Inday prepare to do some quick house cleaning. Unfortunately for them, the remnants of their visitors' mess manifest into ghosts that corner Inday in the toilet, killing her in the process. Tina gets trapped by the spectral foursome in the living room, and in a last ditch effort she orders her unwanted guests to leave the house, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Helen and Joe need to come back to Tina's, as Joe left his mobile phone. They knock on the door, which opened by itself. They went into the seemingly empty house, Helen calling her husband's phone. They hear the ring from behind them and upon turning around, they see the ghosts of Tina and Inday handing them Joe's phone.