A pair of aging college basketball rivals finds each other in a basketball court where they will play one final game. 40 years after their last match.

TRES (Three)

Emilio and Danilo goes a long way back to when they were college basketball rivals.

Emilio who is trying to play basketball with his grandson Marcus, Gets a surprise visit from his college basketball rival Danilo together with his grandson Janus. Being still the competitive people they are. They decided to play one last game to determine who is truly the best basketball player.

But this time, with their grandsons. Both of them play with a lot of heart but their oldness starts to kick in and prevents them from playing like they used to before. Both Emilio and Danilo thinks they are scoring baskets but in reality they are not making a single shot. Which can only be seen by their grandsons.

Emilio hits a long distance three that really goes in this time and decides the game. As the game ends they both realize how times have passed and how old they have become.