Trapped In Calamity

Lantip, the son of a Village Chief is upset with his family and the people who are busy with the preparation of Ritual Suro. His Mom and Dad ask him to come with them to Ritual Suro but he refuses. Lantip believes that his sister died because it was God's will, but the rest of the people, even his own family, believe that she died because it was a curse - she was a victim of that curse. 

Lantip is going to throw away his Sajen Weton (ritual offering in Java for the commemoration of day of birth in Javanese Calendar) but Mr.Karto, the Chief's Representative, catches him. Lantip is slendered by Mr.Karto in front of the Village's people as they believe that he has humiliated their ancestors. Since that day, disasters begin to happen. Mr.Karto uses this opportunity as a trick. He tells the people that the disasters come because of what Lantip did.