Trails Of Yue (月痕)

Trails of Yue follows the lives of Heng and Yue, an elderly couple, as they navigate through the news of Yue's impending death.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement: 

Back during the circuit breaker that happened last year, I often am heartbroken to see the elders flouting the rules and being bashed online. I can’t help to wonder too, what could possibly be driving them to do the things they do? I came to realise after talking to some of them while I was buying food - they were all alone at home for 2 months. Some of them even shared how their friend could be sick at home but is too weak to go out to the doctors or even find help and no one would know - How left behind they could feel, how insignificant they seem to be in this metropolis and how we should treasure them more. In this story, I hope to touch on the fears of growing old and alone in this fast-developing country. How would they face death at their age, an age range associated with wisdom and maturity? Will it be any easier for them? Will death be any less kind to them?