To Goodbyes

As ZOEY (19) heads off to Los Angeles for 10 years to pursue her dream in filmmaking after getting a scholarship, her boyfriend, PAULO (19), visits her for one final time with the intention of breaking up with her in a clean-fashioned manner. As they establish the closure to their relationship, the night eventually becomes a catharsis for both Zoey's and Paulo’s guilt.

As Zoey begins with a casual conversation, she notices something off with Paulo’s behavior. After having enough, agitated and conscience-stricken, Paulo blurts out the truth, that he too, passed the scholarship. Zoey reacts with excitement from the unexpected revelation, thinking that Paulo will come with him to Los Angeles. But Zoey’s delight immediately turns into embitterment when she finds out that Paulo will stay. Paulo tries to explain his situation. Paulo does not have the same privilege that Zoey has and it is important that he stays for his family. Zoey does not agree and tells Paulo that he should start living for himself. An argument ensues as Zoey reconsiders her decision to leave but Paulo convinces her to carry on with her plan.

After the confrontation dies down, Paul hands Zoey a present. The present was a corsage that he was unable to give during their high school promenade. Paulo reaches for her hand then ties the corsage on her wrist. They slow dance. Comfortable in each other's arms. This is the last time they will ever experience each other.