TLDR Episode 1: TBH

Let's talk about sex, shall we? Struck by the realisation in her twenties that the sex education she had received was abysmal, Nicole decided to take on the controversial topic herself. As the vivacious personality behind Something Private - a podcast about everything related to the vagina, health, sexuality, humanity and more - Nicole dishes brutally honest observations about the echo chamber that society, including herself, lives in.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement:
Flaming, criticising, trolling and name-calling - what you’ll witness are real-life comments that have been thrown at the profiles throughout their course of challenges and adversity through life. Like our profiles, we live in a social media world, where it’s easy to cast comments or judgement based on our own perceptions and experience of life. But who’s to say how one should be, what’s a better way to live, or what one should advocate for? TLDR is a series that seeks to promote social inclusiveness and cohesiveness by debunking the myths and stereotypes behind this group of unique individuals. We provide insight towards their deepest, most uncensored thoughts, and like a stream of consciousness, we uncover stories about their struggles, perspectives, and wildest dreams. Follow the unfiltered voices of a podcaster, a baker, a tattoo artist, a magician, and a Tik-Toker as we celebrate the Singaporean identity of the millennials and shake away hegemony.