An old couple’s relationship is put to the test as they have to find the strength and fight their inner demons to keep their love timeless.

A Viddsee Original Production

This series was made for StoriesTogether, an initiative that aims to bring hope through films during challenging times and beyond.

As part of this initiative, we’re driving donations to Community Chest, which supports more than 80 social service agencies that work towards empowering the lives of the disadvantaged. Support here.

Director Statement: 

Timeless is a love story about loneliness and insecurities between an old couple. In a time where people have become more aware of mental health issues, I still believe that not enough light has been shed on the mental health faced by senior citizens.

While doing research for this film, I realized that old couples go through the same problems as youngsters and the demons of insecurities and loneliness are just as prominent in senior citizens as well. Therefore, I would like this film to start a conversation based on this.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. When there is darkness, there is light and hence I want to share some hope too during these troubled times. At its core, Timeless is a love story between two humans and a showcase of what the power of love can do.