a group of thieves who have a strategy


A group of pickpockets named pian, farhan, danang, and dendi are devising a strategy to pickpockets at bus stops during the day. The strategy itself is that they have their respective roles such as pian being a worker, Farhan being a scavenger, and singing being a busker, and being a student. The first one who came to the bus stop, Farhan to stand by as the recipient of the results later, then the pian came from and Dendi from the right side of the bus stop and they were ready to execute it, when the pian was about to take the cellphone suddenly his cellphone sounded and Danang immediately sang in a discordant voice until everyone focused on him, until all the items had been collected, pian and dendi were putting the items into the sack, and there was a commotion because pian and dendi were scrambling to put pickpockets into the sack until farhan took him back to the base leaving the stop until they arrived back at the base collecting the results Farhan found a familiar wallet, when he looked at the contents of the wallet, it turned out that it was his younger brother's purse. At that time, he called Farhan and told him that his wallet was lost.