Fitri, a maid who is having an unwed pregnancy, wants to tell her employer about her condition but is afraid of being fired.

The Woman Underneath

Fitri is a housemaid for a family of three, a couple and their daughter Patricia. Fitri worked with the family for years, and she has a close relationship with her master. The mother is a house mother, that likes to bake cookies and sell them as souvenirs to make extra money from home. Almost everyday, Fitri and the mother worked together to bake the cookies and put them in packages. One day, Fitri felt sick and started to vomit every morning. Fitri was confused and did not understand what was going on with her body. But then one afternoon, when she was preparing cookies with the mother while listening to a gossip news on TV, she heard a story about a celebrity who is having an unwed pregnancy. The mother expressed that she felt sad hearing the news. Hearing this, Fitri realized that she might be pregnant with her boyfriend back in her village. Fitri then tested herself and found out that she is positive. Upon seeing the test pack, Fitri realized that she is in trouble because she will surely be fired from her job. But on the other side, she has to take care of her baby, but how will she be able to provide for her child if she doesn’t have a job. The situation then gets worse when her boyfriend did not pick up her calls and disappeared. Can Fitri conceal her pregnancy in front of the mother to keep her job, or will her pregnancy start to interfere with her daily work?