The Watchmen Of Rochor

A documentary on a watch part supplier set against the changing urban landscape of Singapore.

On the island state of Singapore, rapid progress has ushered in the age of gleaming skyscrapers. Left in its shadows are relics of a bygone era. The Rochor Centre Complex is of them.

On the second floor of Rochor Centre, Mohammad Ali and his brother run Khatena and Sons Trading. A family watch shop passed down from his father. The siblings, like many of the other tenants and residents of Rochor Centre, are facing imminent eviction. The complex is slated for demolition in 2016. Its inhabitants as well as history enthusiasts have cried foul. But Singapore, in its path to urban renewal, has no space for nostalgia.

To protect the legacy of his shop and preserve the community of customers he has built, Mohammad Ali now has tough decisions to make.