The Underdogs “五”侠小说 Episode 3

Their friendship blossomed but at the expense of Yuan’s relationship with his dad. Yuan’s dad is very harsh on him when it comes to studies. After finding out that Yuan is a part of 五当, he tears up his drawings and destroys his materials. Guilt trips Yuan with his mother’s death into giving up drawing just so he can focus on his studies with the hopes of him becoming a doctor or lawyer when he grows up.

Reluctantly, Yuan abandons the gang without a word and joins 数灵 18. Even though he made the right choice by his father’s expectation, he feels dejected.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement: 
In an article on June 14 2020, The Sunday Times revealed the results of a commissioned survey on people's perceptions of essential jobs within the context of a pandemic. Doctors were ranked number 1 as under essential jobs and Artists were ranked number 1 under non-essential jobs.

It is undeniable that we are not as essential as compared to doctors and nurses in this pandemic but artists that non essential?

Even without a pandemic, a majority of the population deems the art industry as nugatory but can you imagine a life without music, movies, fashion labels, games, advertisements etc.? This series talks about the struggles faced by many passionate young artists who are constantly being persuaded by others to not pursue their passion as there is no future in the creative industry.