31 mins

The Tide

At some point in life an age-old question will inevitably crop up: Do we swim against the tide or go with the flow?

The band, Against the Tide, was doomed before it even started.

A year later, the songwriter is selling his soul to catchy pop tunes and commercial music, hitching his wagon to else’s grand schemes while being hitched by a young music devotee; the bassist is venturing north across the border; the drummer is working as an insurance agent and all set for fatherhood. Before the factory building is demolished for a lucrative redevelopment scheme, the band members, bar one, return to their studio to clear out the place, contemplating making a final appearance for a farewell gig. The reunion takes place, albeit obliquely, each member putting their best foot forward to steer their own course.

  • Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival, 2013, Hong Kong. Fresh Wave Grand Prize and Best Film Award in Student Division (鮮浪潮2013國際短片展鮮浪潮大獎及學生組最佳電影) 
  • The Ninth Screwdriver International Short Film Contest and Film Festival, 2014, Tainan, Taiwan. Special Choice (台南第九屆螺絲起子影展優選獎)
  • 16th Edition, Far East Film Festival
  • The 16th Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival

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