The Sound Of Rain Falls On The Roof

Adopted from a short story by Seno Gumira Ajidarma, Sawitri, a former prostitute, is convinced that one day he will meet again with his girlfriend Pamuji, who left him while the government is cleaning thuggery in his country. Many of Pamuji's friends were already victims of the mysterious shootings, and his body was thrown away at the curb. The victims began to widen, not just thugs, people who have tattoos, though not thugs, remain the target of the operation. Pamuji himself felt restless, because he has a tattoo on some parts of his body. Whenever the rain stopped, there was always a tattooed corpse lying right in front of Sawitri's house, and every time there was a rowdy noise in front of her house, Sawitri always felt uneasy, maybe it was Pamuji.