The Sexual Fish - The Fish That Forgot To Breed

It is the house of pleasure for fish. I express the pleasure of fish that forgot to breed. Then I can even see fishing and landing fishes as sexual acts. This animation was inspired by the C.P. Cavafy’s poem "And Lounged and Lay on Their Beds."

Director's Statement:

This film was created in the form of a series of GIF animations based on the C. P. Cavafy’s poem

*C. P. Cavafy: one of the representative Greek poets in the 20th century

Then I recomposed a number of GIF animations into a movie with music.

In the following year, I thought of an idea around ‘continuous updating movies’, which is similar to updating a software.

So I took these GIF animated fishes outside. I called it ‘version 2.0’.

"The Sexual Fish on the BEACH!"

I consider this series of works, several version movies and 2 collections of GIF animations, as one work.

For the full text, click here.