The process of Lurik, a woven fabric from Indonesia, and its use in modern age.

The Sacred Lurik (Lurik Bertuah)

Lurik is a woven fabric from Indonesia, Central Java, Yogyakarta. Originally it was called "Lorek" which means 'made out of lines'. It is a cloth which is exclusively worn by Abdi Dalem (loyal servants) to Keraton Yogyakarta, and several other regions in Central Java for sacred ritual and culture.

Lurik is often overlooked by people for its restrictive purpose due to its heritage. People also think that Lurik is monotone because it's only made out of lines. Although it is only made out of lines, the process behind it is challenging and requires a lot of manpower.

This is a documentary which follows a process behind the Lurik, and shows why it needs more exposure in this modern age.