The Ra(men): Broth-licious

Rai presents his research to Jack on various local broths they could sample for their ramen dish. The Duo then set out on a food journey around Singapore, speaking to different local eateries and hawkers to uncover special aspects to the broth, with hilarious results. A tummy full later, Rai is clueless as to how they would narrow down their ‘rojak’ of ideas into one cohesive dish. Jack, obsessed with the idea of an ultimate Singapore secret ingredient, thinks he has found the answer. Then comes their next challenge. Broth aside, what about the ramen noodles itself?

A Viddsee Original Production

This series was made for StoriesTogether, an initiative that aims to bring hope through films during challenging times and beyond.

As part of this initiative, we’re driving donations to Community Chest, which supports more than 80 social service agencies that work towards empowering the lives of the disadvantaged. Support here.

Director Statement: Ramen is more than a story about the ever-popular noodle originating from Japan. It is a story about the Singapore people, a celebration of Singaporean culture, heritage and the many individuals who embody the Singaporean spirit through their willingness to adapt and develop a uniquely Singaporean creation. Whether it is food or life, the protagonists and like many other Singaporeans alike, find a way.