The Mute Call

‘The Mute Call’ is a film, which follows the daily and monotonous routine in the life of an Indian working class boy. It attempts to capture the absurdity of life in a rapidly industrializing/globalizing/corporatized society. We can’t do what we really want to as we are bound by societal pressure, and factors beyond our control. It attempts to show how ‘power’ functions in our society. The film has no dialogues and is a pure juxtaposition of images and sound to convey the ideas and emotions. It is a metaphorical exploration of the same concept with the use of an asynchronous soundscape and formalist film design. The film shows how the system destroys the vitality of life. The word ‘Kos’ (original title) means distance in Hindi. The film is about distance and isolation. The title of the film stems from the origin of the word.