The Madwheelers (让车轮飞)

Automobiles have taken over the bicycle's status in China, especially in developed cities like Nanjing. Right now, a group of young bikers have decided to change the attitude towards the two-wheeler by popularizing downhill biking, an extreme sport event which requires the biker to ride as fast as he can, from the top of a mountain, crossing steep, bumpy trails and various obstacles to reach the finish line. Championing Nanjing’s first downhill biking competition is a local enthusiast called PAN who has called his nationwide annual race – the “Madwheel Race” at Nanjing’s Zijin Mountain. But it's a task easier said than done. As an ancient capital of China, PAN and his Downhill bikers are encountering strong opposition from Nanjing’s elders who want to preserve the status quo. Worst still, someone has mysteriously destroyed the racetrack before the competition! Can PAN and Nanjing’s downhill bikers overcome the odds to host the race? Can their dream of reinventing biking in their hometown come true?