The Life Of Bob Lee

He was a successful photo journalist who gave up his career so he could look after his autistic son. Open and honest, Bob shared his experience of coming to terms with the diagnosis, his relationship with his son and what it was like redefining his life as a freelancer.

Bob’s commitment and love for his family is heart-warming as it is heart-aching. His story reveals the complexity of human emotion – it really is people like Bob who remind us why we do what we do as storytellers.

Through struggles Bob found new meaning and ways to contribute as well as new ways communicate with his son. His journey led to teaching photography to the visually impaired and finding a new sense of freedom.

With his story, Bob wanted to generate awareness around the reality of autism while eliciting understanding and empathy. We wanted to help him with that.

It was an emotional response to Bob’s story. Messages of understanding came in. People understood Bob’s message of the reality of autistic as well as inspiration.