The Leader

’THE LEADER’ is a story of coincidental friendships and purposeful mutual respect between two people who have come from very different places. 

The teacher of two Kindergarten students – a local girl named Nicolette and a foreign student named Jonathan - is electing a class monitor to help with the planning of a class party - a day where parents, teachers and students will gather to make 'tang yuan’ (Chinese: 汤圆), also known as sweet rice balls. This is a traditional Chinese dish that symbolises family togetherness, meant to be taken on happy occasions such as weddings, the last day of Chinese New Year and the Winter Solstice. 

Little did they know, their parents are colleagues in the same workplace. Nicolette’s mum, Suzanne and Jonathan’s father, Leon are both struggling to find common ground and understanding to work on a pitch for their boss. Touched by how Jonathan and Nicolette managed to rise above differences and work together to plan a joyous gathering that celebrates happy reunions, Suzanne and Leon come to realise that they have much to learn from their own children.