The Last Wish

It is Chinese New year. Kevin returns from overseas for a different kind of reunion – the demise of his father. When he reaches, his sister, Jennifer is busy calling up the relatives and the funeral parlour.

Suddenly, Kevin recalls that Meng wished to be donated to the hospital after death. This is one of the conversations he remembers most vividly about his stoic father. Meng always had an admiration towards helping others through medicine and urged his children down the medical path. However, Kevin disappointed him. He decides to guard of his last wish.

With the help of his helper, he disguises Meng into a traditional Chinese lion and tries to bring the body to his car when Jennifer goes out to settle the rest of the funeral. However, they face several obstacles, including Jennifer returning to retrieve some documents, an absurd hide and seek begins…

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement: 

A parent’s care and concern over his/her child is often manifested in many ways. In our asian society, the love language our parents have is often not in words or touch but in the small gestures that they do for us. As we grow up in different generations, facing different environments and influences, our hopes and dreams may not align with our parents’ hopes and dreams for us. For those of us who have insisted in choosing a path less travelled and we have to succeed, did we make the wrong decision? Did we disappoint our parents? In this film, we explored the regrets one may have in making bold decisions towards ourselves and our parents. Beyond dreams and aspirations, perhaps there lies a bigger purpose in life.