The Last Candle

Lita and Joko are a pair of children and fathers who live together. They appreciate the important moments in his life, because Joko play the role of Father and Mother to their child after death his wife. Lita wants to feel love life in children her age so Lita asked permission to have a boyfriend to Joko. Lita is spending more time together his girlfriend. Lita forgets that there is still Joko at home who misses her together with his daughter. Lita went to celebrate the moment birthday with his girlfriend, at the same time Joko too celebrate his own birthday without Lita. Arriving at home, Lita saw Joko sleeping on the sofa with a cake on his side. However It turned out that Joko had died. Lita just realized that it was His girlfriend's birthday coincided with Joko's birthday. Lita sorry for missing Joko's last birthday.